Lazy Library: Curated Resources for Writers and Marketers

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A curated collection of learning resources for the lazy bums who want to upskill the easy way.

This is a Notion board of different writing and marketing resources. You'll get a collection of links to articles, templates and other resources, arranged in an easy-to-explore layout.

Who's this collection for:

  • Content Writers and Copywriters
  • Digital Marketers, SEOs and UXers
  • Bloggers and Freelancers

... and anyone who would like to know about the magical world of content creators and marketers. You'll find something of value whether you're just starting out or already a guru.

What's inside:

  • 250+ articles about Content Writing, Email Marketing, and more...
  • Strategy templates, checklists and more...
  • Thesaurus tools, designing tools, and more... - 

Your peers are loving it...

"Better than randomly reading about stuff online. Abhijeet's curation skills have always been valuable to me personally. He knows how to differentiate between 'random fluff' and the 'real stuff'. Lazy Library by Abhijeet is a proof of his skills. There are several gems here, which we often miss due to information overload. The way it's arranged makes it the perfect place to get started on your upskilling goals."

- Anmol Ratan Sachdeva, Marketing Consultant

"His enthusiasm to work towards something that isn’t part of his normal responsibilities, should be appreciated. The collection work reflects his dedication to the project, and his organisation skills. Marketers can look up to these collections for learning, research and inspiration."

- Anish K Raju, F&B Marketer

"Meet Abhijeet, aka Lazy Writer. He is by far the most genuine person I’ve known in the content industry, and this creation is proof of dedication, effort, and pure love for learning and implementing. You’ll be missing out on a ton if you haven’t grabbed this copy already."

- Dhwani Sangani, Social Media Caption Creator

"Hey, Abhijeet! Love your lazy resources on Notion. It has some really valuable, high-quality content on there! 🔥I already found a couple of articles that I wouldn't otherwise come across. Thanks for spending time to put it together!"

- Lakshmi Padmanaban, Marketing Copywriter

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Lazy Library: Curated Resources for Writers and Marketers

0 ratings
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