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[Template] Repurpose Case Studies as Newsletters

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[Template] Repurpose Case Studies as Newsletters

Abhijeet Kumar
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Repurpose your case studies as bite-sized email newsletters and engage your prospective leads.

Hey there,

I'm a freelance content creator who has been blogging and repurposing content since 2017. Debugging them and re-packaging them in the format best suited for a platform.

I've been using this template to repurpose clients' case study content as text-based email newsletters. And the newsletters have seen open rates of up to 50% for the list of prospective leads. Sounds gratifying?

Yes, there have been clicks, too. Feels orgasmic?

Don't stop yourself from grabbing a copy now.

Who's this template for...

  • Content Creators and Copywriters
  • Email Designers and Marketers
  • Startup Founders and Business Owners

... and anyone who wants to expand their audience to email lists and keep them engaged.

With this template, you'll easily be able to convert your case studies into snackable newsletters. Keep your leads engaged and get them to pay for your services (or products).

What's inside...

A PDF with:

  • my newsletter style with instructions
  • 3 example subject lines and preview texts
  • 5 sections of the newsletter email body (with 1-3 examples each)

...and a sample case study newsletter, start to finish.

Your peers are loving it...

"Abhijeet's way of creating different content pieces is ultimate. His writing brings value to his clients, and his collections; to the marketers. Highly recommended."

- Bharti Pankaj, Freelance Health Writer

"I've always been in awe of Abhijeet's knowledge and immense ability to grasp the finest details. He has been a constant support in helping me wade through my freelance journey and this current writeup outlined Converting Case Studies to Newsletters beautifully. Thank you Abhijeet for constantly churning out such amazing content."

- Ankita Ahuja, Independent Content Consultant

"The template gives a simple step-by-step process to convert and use your business case studies into lead-generation emails. It also shares ample examples at each step of the process. All and all a great resource, value for money. Highly recommend it to all business owners."

- Pragya Singh, LinkedIn Personal Branding Consultant

Still unsure?

Let me know what's stopping you from stealing this, and I'll crack you a fortune cookie. Mail at or connect on Twitter @lazywriterabhi.

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The template simplifies the repurposing process with precise instructions.

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