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Freelance Contract Template and Guide

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Freelance Contract Template and Guide

Abhijeet Kumar
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Make sure you're getting what you've been promised.

If you're looking to get started with your very first contract, this freelance contract guide is the perfect starting point for you!

This guide explains the different parts of a freelance contract, so that you understand its need in your agreement.

What's inside this guide...

You'll learn everything about:

  • Scope of work: what tasks will you be performing for your client
  • Payment: how much will you be paid for your work
  • Rights and Ownership: who will own the rights to the work you create
  • Timeline: when is the work due
  • Termination: how can either party end

... and more.

Who's this guide for:

  • Freelance Content Writers and Copywriters
  • Freelance Digital Marketers and SEOs
  • Influencers and Content Creators

... and anyone who would like to know how to foolproof content and services.

So, grab your copy now.

If you have doubts, let me know.

Mail your queries to or connect on Twitter @lazywriterabhi.

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Outline your first freelance contract easily.

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